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Why choose Quantum?

From Roller Coasters to Road Sweepers……

..From agricultural vehicles to Sports Cars….

…..….From initial design to Full Production

We are an experienced and highly skilled team, offering engineering solutions in the manufacture and supply of GRP mouldings and assemblies.

Quantum Mouldings Limited has considerable and diverse experience accumulated over nearly 30 years, providing a service spanning many industries nationwide.

We employ a number of moulding techniques including: Hand Lay-up, Spray Layup, RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding), RTM-Lite (low cost version of RTM)

By offering such a range of moulding techniques, we are able to provide the most appropriate solution, at a competitive price, in volumes ranging from one to several thousands per year.

Our long standing existing customer base demonstratesour commitment to Quality, Service and Reliability…….


quality you can trust

quality you can trust

Quick Enquiry

Quick Enquiry

Quantum Mouldings Limited: Whitehouse Road, Kidderminister, Worcs, DY10 1HT
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