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2Quantum takes great pride in offering a high quality product and service to Customers. Since diversifying into commercial GRP moulding in 1992, the Company has expanded to become a name synonymous with quality, expanding our workforce significantly to meet customer demand.

A large range of sizes are catered for; small components that can be held in hand, all the way to parts over 6m in length, with volumes of some parts running to over a 1000 units per year using multiple moulds. Lower volume parts are made by traditional open moulding (hand/spray lay-up GRP) with higher volume parts being made by Vacuum Moulding (VM) or by RTM-Lite (Resin Transfer Moulding).

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Quick Enquiry

Quantum Mouldings Limited: Whitehouse Road, Kidderminister, Worcs, DY10 1HT
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