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Patterns and Tooling

Effective Tooling

Quantum have invested in the market-leading CAD software, Solidworks, to enable the team to read Customer drawings and extract pertinent data, whether Step, IGES or another 3D format.

From the Customers drawings, a pattern is produced to replicate the finished product exactly, including surface texture. Then, a cost-effective GRP production mould is produced, to enable the manufacture of finished products.

Our in-house ability to produce complex, multi-split production moulds with a high gloss finish is key to ensuring lower cost Production parts.

Controlling dimensional accuracy and the shape of a finished part, is the result of moulds that are manufactured to high tolerances and structurally supported; typically with a steel frame. A time-proven methodology for the layup of the mould together with highly skilled staff means high-quality parts can be produced for a longer period between mould refurbishment, that require less finishing.

Some moulds are made off what are known in the industry as plugs; these are carefully re-inforced parts and can be cost-effective in certain situations. Alternatively, Quantum work closely with a range of CNC pattern makers that are familiar with the issues surrounding GRP and its’ real-world usage, to help ensure the Customer gets exactly what is needed at the lowest costs.

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Quick Enquiry

Quick Enquiry

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